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Friday Links on a Saturday

Not wanting to steal any thunder from Erika’s excellent spring training re-cap and trip below, I opted not to post the Friday Links.

Hopefully you made your way over to InsideSTL for my regular Friday column, even though I didn’t hotlink it here


Since I’m sitting outside with nothing better to do, let’s dick around on the Internet:

  • There is such a thing as the most accurate business card thrower. LINK HERE
  • Three invisible dicks will make the more liberal readers happy. LINK HERE (HT: FWC)
  • Cub fans have started a page where they can list reasons to hate the Cubs. LINK HERE
  • “Christ, what an asshole.” It’s the answer that Elaine was looking for. LINK HERE
  • Couch airbag prank is great in slow-motion. LINK HERE (HT: JH)
  • An illustrated guide on how to suck at Facebook. LINK HERE
  • Teachers: You’re lucky that this kid isn’t in your class. LINK HERE (HT: JH)
  • The birdman is a very talented and very, very odd man. LINK HERE
  • I don’t think that we can ever bitch about the cold weather again. LINK HERE
  • Young Me / Now Me – Re-create pics from your past now. LINK HERE

And finally, a classic YouTube vid that surfaced today on Twitter featuring the late Jack Buck and Manager Herzog. Good stuff and a HT to @2xAught7 for RT’ing it.