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Game 13: Brewers Come Face To Face With Reality

The Cardinals were 14-5 against the Brewers in 2013.

A pretty absurd mark against a division rival. (They managed 12 wins against the Cubs, 11 against the Reds and 9 against the Pirates.) The Brewers were little brother and the Cardinals were holding the ball above their head, laughing as they tried to jump up and get it.

But after a 10-2 start and in the midst of a 9 game winning streak, the Brew Crew was ready to to show who’d grew up in the off-season. As far as early season show-downs were concerned, this was as juicy a match-up as you could want.

After all, a possible 6 game deficit loomed.

Then world came early in the afternoon – Yadier Molina would sit. Tony Cruz was in. Jon Jay? JON JAY TOO?! Where was the getaway lineup against the Cubs? Come on Mike.

Things didn’t get any better when Matt Carpenter got ejected in a 1 run game during a tense 5th inning. Descalso, Cruz, Jay… against the Brewers? On the road?

Oh, hey there Mr. Jay.

And that was all Lance Lynn needed. Technically the Jhonny Peralta home run was all he needed, but still, the Jay knockout put this one to bed. Meanwhile the Cardinals starter ran his record to 3-0 while recording 11 strikeouts over 7 innings.

The Brewers were riding high coming into game #13 of the season, but were met with a very harsh reality – this is the Cardinals division and big brother was just letting you play with it for a while.

Photo: FSN