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Game 130: It’s Jon Jay’s World & We’re Just Living In It

Just like we said at the beginning of the season… as long as Jon Jay and John Lackey are playing up to expectations, this Cardinals team is going to be just fine.

What? You don’t believe it?

Imagine seeing that Tweet in April or May and wondering just how in the hell that became the truth and not Twitter trolling. But after hitting safely in 15 of 16 games and posting a second half OPS right near 1.000, Jay is quickly putting himself in contention for team MVP.

Baseball is a data driven sport, but there’s always a guy on winning teams that seem to make things happen when he’s in the game.

The past month, it’s been Jon Jay. His numbers are nice. His spark? Ah-maz-ing.

On the way to another feckless offensive night, Jay pinch hit in the 7th inning and immediately drove in the Cardinals first (and game-tying) run. Of course there were 2 outs…

John Lacky gave the Cardinals a must needed strong outing and sets up the rest of series to be winnable with Lance Lynn and Adam Wainwright on the hill the next two days.

(This is the part of the post where we deleted the Trevor Rosenthal shade and chalk that HR up to facing an MVP. Nothing more or less)

Winning series is the key to a playoff push. The Cardinals are on that path this week in Pittsburgh.

Photo: WowToMe