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Game 33: It Hasn’t Been Easy

Peter Bourjos slid into 3rd base and was called safe by Greg Morales on a bang-bang play where Yadier Molina grounded down the third base side.

The Cardinals were temporarily up 5-0, Aaron Harang was about to be lifted from the game before completing 6 innings and the bases would be loaded for Matt Holliday.

In the parlance of early May games… this one was about to be locked and loaded in the W column.

But the Braves challenged the call. Bourjos was called out. The scoreboard rolled back to 4-0 and the Braves got 2 quick runs to pull within 1 run of tying the game in the bottom half of the 6th.

3-2 instead of 5-0; the story of the St. Louis Cardinals 2014… so far.

This was a team with infinite potential heading into the season. Thoughts of 100, 105 or even 110 wins were not only talked about, but almost expected. Reality has slowly crept into the picture, as the Cardinals have won back to back games for the first time in 3 weeks (April 14/15).

Nothing has been easy.

These wins against the Cubs and Braves are proving that out. Right now the Cardinals are the boxer that’s looking to out point his opponent because he doesn’t have faith in the knockout punch. Leads aren’t safe and insurance runs are elusive.

If we’re putting words on the screen as a digital journal, I think we’re all feeling a bit anxious about when this Cardinals team is finally going to hit their groove. We’re all still bullish on this team right?

I’m pretty sure I am. But all great teams go through dominant stretches. And so far, all we’ve seen is a team scrapping together a 1 game over .500 record.

The hard way.

Photo: ImpAwards