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Game 58: Cardinals Curiosities

The Cardinals had a national audience Monday night against the KC Royals and I’d suspect that more than a few people watched that hadn’t seen the Cardinals play and wondered just what all the fuss was about with this team.

Or why ESPN chose to put this on their airwaves in the first place.

It was the kind of game where the stink permeates your clothes and you smell it the next day. The kind of game where you just want to hop right in the shower and wash it off. The kind of game that makes you wonder what the hell else you could have been doing the past three hours.

In no particular order, some curiosities:

Curiosity 1: The Cardinals haven’t scored a run in 19 innings.

In case you’re scoring at home that’s 2+ games without being able to plate a single run. And I’m not totally sure that they’ve even come close. Fingers crossed they get one this week.

Curiosity 2: The Cardinals have been outscored 36-15 the past 6 games.

The only game they won out of the 6? A 2-0 win against the Giants Saturday afternoon. All 6 games have been at home in front of huge, supportive crowds. They have sent 5 of those big crowds home sad they came to the ballpark.

Curiosity 3: Mike Matheny.

I mean, the Cardinals paid Jhonny Peralta quite a bit of money to get double switched out of games, no? And running Shelby Miller out in the 8th to face one batter, give up a single, and then get yanked? Hmmm… At least the latter move didn’t start a rally that put the Cardinals in an insurmountable hole or anything.

Curiosity 4: Oscar Taveras.

He’s getting the ABs, but he’s only got 2 hits. The spark his HR on Saturday provided has been snuffed out and the Cardinals offense is playing as bad as it has all season long. There are no longer better bullets the Birds haven’t fired playing in Memphis.

Photo: Andrew Sobel