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Game 6: Some Numbers You Don’t Want To See

The Cardinals have scored 17 runs in 6 games (2.83/game), while surrendering 22 runs (3.6/game).

Small sample size for sure, but the ‘pitching has been great, the Cards need some run support’ narrative that’s going to be buzzing around downtown St. Louis Monday afternoon isn’t correct. Even if you throw out the games where the Cardinals plated 7 and gave up 12 runs respectively, the splits are 2.4/game scored and 2.0/game surrendered.

Or just enough to be .500.

For the pessimist in you, here are some more disturbing stats:

1) The Cardinals have 3 batters over .300 for the season. Joe Kelly, Shelby Miller and Matt Adams.

2) Six Cardinals starters are batting under .225 to start the season: Kolten Wong (.222), Yadier Molina (.217), Matt Holliday (.208), Jhonny Peralta (.095), Allen Craig (.091) and Pete Bourjos (.000).

3) St. Louis ranks 27th in the MLB in hits, 24th in total bases, 27th in batting average and 26th in OPS.

So it’s the offense, right? Well yes. And no. It’s hard to win games when the offense is anemic. At the same time, while the Cardinals have had a couple of good pitching outings, they aren’t exactly setting the world on fire.

1) The staff ranks 19th in ERA. 14th in earned runs surrendered. And 15 in batting average against.

2) Shelby Miller had everything to prove after getting benched rested during the 2013 post-season, but got lit in first start of the season and sports a 8.44 ERA.

3) The bullpen. Well, you’ve watched. You’ve seen the bullpen.

All together… IT’S EARLY. One good day can shift all these stats way up or way down. But let’s not blame this all on the hitting. The pitching hasn’t been lights out either. In fact, the Cardinals probably have the most fair record in all of baseball.

The first of 81 games at Busch Stadium starts tomorrow. Hopefully it brings counting of games above average.