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Game 9: Billy Hamilton’s Legs

The Cardinals got beat by the Reds Wednesday afternoon 4-0 in a brisk 2:20.

We could sit here and talk about the lack of Cardinals hitting. Because it was totally MIA. Mike Leake looked like he was pitching Little League batting practice.

Maybe they noticed the off-day tomorrow and spectacular spring weather today and decided to move on to other endeavors for the day?

But we’re going to look on the sunny side, friends. And remind you that we only have to see Billy Hamilton 13 more times in 2014. Because after a bit of a slow start through 6 games, this dude is about to bring the pain to NL Central opponents.

He led off the game with a triple. He then proceeded to run. And run some more.

He made Jon Jay look like a weenie. He made Yadier Molina look helpless. He ACTUALLY MADE Shane Robinson helpless – he wouldn’t even attempt a throw when he was sacrificed in the 9th inning!

Look at this!


Terrifying. And yes, Jon Jay was barely in the outfield, in case you didn’t see the game live.

Basically you can’t let him put the ball in play. If you do – BOOM – that’s a run. So good it almost makes you forget the Cards got thumped.


Billy Hamilton is someone elses problem as of now. Get used to the name, St. Louis, because this speed racer is about to blow up MLB in ’14.

Photo: The Runner Sports