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Game One: Yes, Please!!!

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS.  It is RAINING LIKE CRAZY in Chicago.  I mean, this is intense.  Evidently, Mother Nature wants my building to blow over?  I don’t pretend to understand that woman, but she could relax for one goddamn minute and it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.  I mean, I nearly lost a grill cover and some very nice patio furniture today. 

The GALL!!! 

I guess my point is that I was convinced this was a terrible omen for the game tonight.  All doom and gloom and wind and BAAAARRRRFFF.

But ANYWAY, did you guys know the Cardinals actually played baseball tonight?  IN THE WORLD SERIES?  I’m not sure if you were paying attention or not, but they just won game one.  I’m totally serious.  No really, I didn’t make that up.  It is for real and I think we should just take a moment to reflect on this.

It’s fine, I’ll wait.

Just go ahead and think about it.  REALLLLY let it soak in.

Now, how awesome is this?  I’m going to go out on a very strong limb and say that it is pretty much the BEST.  I mean, it’s faaaar better than getting stabbed in the ear with a screwdriver.  I think we can all agree on THAT.


Turns out, I’m not one for perspective.  Good grief.

Now, I have to admit, I paced like a caged animal for the last three innings of the game.  I no longer had any control over my salivary or sweat glands.  It WAS A MESS. I felt like I was being waterboarded.  The nerves just wouldn’t go away.  But, I’m not sure they ever will and I suppose that’s just the way love goes.  After tonight, there are a handful of Cardinal players that may or may not want to consider taking out a restraining order against me.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

ANYWAY, I don’t want to get ahead of things or get completely creepy, because I know that I regularly do both.  And I will likely lose sleep tonight thinking about game two and Jaime Garcia’s immaculate facial hair.  But the Cards won tonight and I think you guys get it.  Please don’t call the cops on me. Not just yet.  I’d like to see as much baseball as possible outside of a straightjacket.