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Get Better Soon, Cubs

The Cards/Cubs rivalry is much better when the Cubs are good.

This is why you come to this site. For crazy insight like that, right? 

And not to pile on the Cubbies after taking 2 of 3 in Wrigley Field this past weekend, but how in the hell are they ever going to be good again? I just took a peek at their roster and… OOOF. I could only find one position where I'd rather have a Cub than a Cardinal in the long run (next 3 years). 

And the counter-argument to Starlin Castro over Pete Kozma?

We've already been through the mercurial talent routine with Colby Rasmus. Sometimes you are who you are and maturity doesn't come with age.

The Cubs top prospect Javier Baez? He's a SS – the one place they have talent. The Cubs second and third best prospects (Albert Amora and Jorge Soler)? They're on the DL stunting their progress. Depending on what source you use for minor league rankings of prospects, the Cubs are anywhere from 11th to 20th. 

The Cardinals? Many have them pegged in the top slot.

Of course it's always fun to have a team in the division be a punching bag and help pad the W column. Especially with the ascendance of the Pirates into a contender. But watching these teams go through the routine the past few years has taken some of the luster off the rivalry. 

It's no fun to make fun of Cubs fans when even they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So here's an olive branch Theo… get your team better soon. We like crushing your dreams. Lately you haven't had many.