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Get Over Another Frustrating Loss by Laughing at the Cubs

You’d think the dramatic game on Tuesday would have lit a fire under the Cardinals’ asses.  Nope, not this team.  The only fire I saw on Wednesday was on the mound; Edwin Jackson kindly made enough s’mores for all the fat slobs in Miller Park (Cardinal fans included).

As the Redbirds move on from a memorable – but frustrating – series in Milwaukee, it’s time to focus on beating up the Marlins for four games.  This is a team well under .500 at home (23-30), with no Josh Johnson, and Hanley Ramirez is day-to-day. Oh, and Javy Vazquez is somehow still getting a Major League paycheck.

Meanwhile, the Brewers are at Houston, who is fielding a AAA team right now and getting ready for the top pick in the 2012 MLB Draft. A split won’t cut it, boys.

In happier news – a noteworthy promotion from the River City Rascals was brought to my attention. (I’m not sure when the last time I went to a River City Rascals game was, but it’s fun to watch them and the Gateway Grizzlies play. Nice ballparks, too. I’m doing a shitty job of supporting the teams, so hopefully you’re doing your part.)

This coming Saturday, head out to MO’Fallon for “Cubs Futility Night.” Yup, this is something we can get behind:

(That’s a screen shot of the Rascals’ site. We’re not often sticklers for web design and/or grammar…but…uhh. I write stuff good, where do I submit my resume?)

Nit-picking aside – well played, Rascals promotion team. Sounds like fun.

And why hasn’t Steve Bartman moved to St. Louis yet? He’d be a hero here.