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Giancarlo Stanton Breaks Cardinals

Giancarlo Stanton remembered columns like these and decided to make them look very, very foolish Monday night.

So, um.

And not to pick on Mr. Buffa, but seasons like 2014 have the unintended effect of making quotes like these downright foolish:

The cost of Stanton would include bats like Allen Craig or Matt Adams, and pitching talent like Shelby Miller and/or Kevin Siegrist, and Trevor Rosenthal. I don’t believe for a single second Mo is thinking about this deal or even picked up his Blackberry (every GM in sports has a bat phone and it’s a Blackberry) to consider calling Miami about Stanton. I am simply brainstorming. Thinking of ways to make this come to some possible brand of sense so I can dismiss it.

Of course, the Cardinals lost. Nothing new for the Birds this month. But unlike Baltimore where the pitching was getting smacked around and unlike San Diego where the bats went silent… the Birds were pretty much beat single handedly by one guy.

A tip of the cap to Mr. Stanton.

We thought that the Cardinals had exhausted the ways a team can lose frustratingly.

Photo: Sun Sentinel