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Grading The Cardinals 2014 1st Half By Player

The ‘first half’ of the 2014 season has been completed.

And while we have this respite from game action, it’s time to break out the ol’ click bait favorites.

Today we have a heaping helping of first half-grades… with a gimmick! One sentence and one sentence only on each player’s season so far.


Randy Choate: (B) Hasn’t given up a run since June 2 or 13 appearances ago.

Sam Freeman: (A-) Mo informed Sam that he can transition from hotel room to month to month rental.

Joe Kelly: (INC) Didn’t pitch for 3 months from April to July and some might say he hasn’t pitched in July either.

Lance Lynn: (B+) Is there a site where people can see player stats without a name attached?

Seth Maness: (B-) He’s a pitcher on the Cardinals.

Carlos Martinez: (C+) If this was a parent/teacher conference he’d hear a bunch of “Carlos is so talented… BUT…”

Shelby Miller: (C-) We’re not blaming this 1st half on the NY Times wedding piece, but we’re not not blaming this 1st half on the NY Times wedding piece.

Jason Motte: (D) Uneven first half coming back from surgery.

Pat Neshek: (A+) Welcome to the second half of the season… AKA the Pat Neshek farewell to highest bidder tour!

Jaime Garcia: (F) Done for the season after 7 starts while pissing off the front office.

Trevor Rosenthal: (B-) Video of Rosie’s first half can be found here.

Adam Wainwright: (A+) Battling 14 other NL teams and ESPN’s love affair with Clayton Kershaw for the NL Cy Young.

Michael Wacha: (C) Was having trouble getting past the 6th inning all season before succumbing to a shoulder injury that will have him out an indefinite amount of time.


Matt Adams: (A-) Big Mayo has been hitting for average all season, but is finally finding his power.

Kolten Wong: (C+) With the strong caveat that the past 2 weeks, Wong has looked like a future All-Star.

Johnny Peralta: (B-) Huge upgrade with the power numbers, but 15.5M should get everyone more than a .250 average.

Matt Carpenter: (B) A fine first half from MARP.

Matt Holliday: (C) If only people had an opinion on this guy a quit letting him fly under the radar.

Allen Craig: (D) What have done with our sweet Allen Craig and can you please give him back right this very instant?

Peter Bourjos: (D) Polar Vortex or Peter Bourjos keeping a stiff breeze rolling through downtown St. Louis this summer?

Yadier Molina: (B+) About 21 days from now we’ll be hearing how Molina is ready to comeback.


Daniel Descalso: (F) Let’s hope the Dirty D has another 2nd half surprise for us.

Mark Ellis: (F) More production needed from a 5M+ utility player.

Tony Cruz: (B) We’re projecting with this grade.

Jon Jay: (B) Improbably has worked his way back into the line-up way more than anyone expected.

Oscar Taveras: (D) Hasn’t produced in his 76 ABs in 2014.


Mike Matheny: (C) Is he proof that this job is really tough or that anyone could do it if given the chance?

Photo: The Sun