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Hall, Oats and The Friday Links

A couple Halloween’s ago Coach Mac and I did a whole Hall & Oates deal. I’m not really much a Hall, but he’s a ringer for Oates. 

I always thought that Daryl Hall is one of the iconic white guys who you thought was black until you saw him, but it wasn’t until I was fully immersed in the H&O experience that I became a real sap for their entire catalogue. 

So when Fresh WC goes ahead and puts this whole election season in perspetive AND includes Hall & Oates? Well, we’re going to throw it up and call it a post. (Nevermind the misspelling. The E is silent anyway)


And feel free to print this sucker and put it on your door/car/other.

Now, the Friday Links…

  • You? You have been served. LINK HERE
  • Thanks Google. LINK HERE
  • Looks like Bane was just trying to get a charge. LINK HERE
  • It’s time to slim down your Facebook friends again. LINK HERE
  • 9 ways kids are getting high these days. LINK HERE
  • How to eat a watermelon. LINK HERE

That’s it. That’s the week. We got through that Olympic withdrawal period OK and while we weren’t looking, the Cardinals got right up in that Wild Card race. Anyone else rooting for a one game playoff in Busch Stadium to start off the postseason? It’s like a insta game 7. Have a big weekend, friends.