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Handicapping The Cardinals Next Manager Odds

Handicapping the St. Louis Cardinals manager race? 

Why not.

Tito Francona (3 to 1) – The biggest free agent manager and most experienced candidate, Mr. Francona interviewed this week in Cincinnati. Called the experience a chance to talk baseball with the Cardinals search committee.  Probably didn’t ask if the new Busch Stadium had an actual Busch tap in the Cardinals dugout. Hodak’s is hoping against hope Francona comes down a bit on his salary demands secures the job.

Jose Oquendo (3 to 1) – I’m not kidding here, I really have STILL not heard Jose Oquendo speak. Is it like Ozzie  Guillen? I bet it’s like Ozzie Guillen. Only softer. Oquendo seems to get the most support from hard core Cardinal fans, usually citing something about the guy being waiting in the wings for 11 years. I can’t get over the fact that, me, a guy who watches pretty much every game and follows this team as a paid hobby has never heard the possible future manager speak. In all seriousness, that’s a pretty big job of the manager. What does he SAY!

Mike Matheny (5 to 1) – The former catcher is all over St. Louis talk radio telling people how great it was to get a job interview. Occupy STL has since waivered on the support for Matheny. Dude was a tremendous catching tactician back in the good old days when he was playing, you know ( / looks up stats) HOLY SHIT he was playing in 2006? You’re old, dude.

Ryne Sandberg (7 to 1) – The Linsday Lohan of the managerial interview circuit. Some teams want to bring him in to see for themselves what the fuss is about. Others, like the Cubs, cut ties before the rumors even get started.  What exactly is Ryne doing in these interviews that keeps getting him sent down to AAA every year? Coke? Because that would be awesome. And this analogy would be spot on.

Chris Maloney (7 to 2) – Dude has been with the Cardinals organization since… 1991! He has to be really resentful of LaRussa at this point, right? 1991 the Cardinals weren’t just bad. They were piss poor. And he’s down in some shithole A ball club trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the Cardinals? Woof. Seems to be the solid money choice for the ‘longer shots’.

Joe McEwing (50 to 1) – Started managing in 2008. Promoted to AAA in 2011. Nothing is possible, even when you’re short! I think Matt Sebek’s head would explode if Super Joe got the nod here. Pujols would be gone and Holliday traded for 45 Lil’ Lil’ Ecksteins.

Jim Riggleman (60 to 1) – What happened Jimmy? I had you pegged as the favorite 10 days ago and now it’s not even clear if you’re interviewing or not. Looks like packing up and leaving the Nationals wasn’t the show stopper the Cardinals were looking for. You needed to have Jason Werth eat some chicken and drink some beer in the clubhouse. Those are the morality plays we’re looking for, bub.

Albert Pujols (2500 to 1) – How awesome would this be? You could throw on that couple of million you were going to give TLR in 2012 to his contract, get back the whole contract in media attention the next couple of years as Pujols tried to pull off the modern miracle of player/coach for a pro team. ESPN Classic would dust off ever player/coach clip from the early part of last century. It’s a win/win!