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Here Are The Autograph Prices For Cardinals ’17 Winter Warm-Up

With all the excitement of the NHL Winter Classic at Busch Stadium the past few weeks, the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up has crept up on us a little this year.

It’s January 14-16, in fact.

Sometimes hard to tell where players and coaches stand in the team pecking order, the Winter Warm-Up provides us with our annual cold, hard look at everyone’s value.

Below is the complete list of what the Cardinals think you’ll pay donate for an autograph.

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1) 50 bucks for Kolten Wong? Looks like the Brian Dozier talks with Minnesota have cooled considerably.

2) Only two autographs break into triple digits: Orlando Cepeda (100) and Yadier Molina (150).

3) Mike Matheny is only 25 dollars? When Mike Leake is going for 30, that’s not a good sign for the skip.

4) Tony LaRussa, man. You think he’ll even acknowledge even being in Arizona 5 years from now? He’ll just consider 2011 his last year in baseball and insist everyone goes along with it.

5) Alex Reyes is already up to 75 dollars! Looks like this whole ‘let’s keep expectations realistic for 2017’ thing is off to a nice start for everybody.

6) Best value? Jack Clark (5). I know that the Cards like to keep this in increments of 5, but maybe make an exception for The Ripper? I mean, if you can pick Luke Voit out of a lineup, I’ll… well, I’d be impressed.

He deserves 6, maybe 7:

7) Ray King! If you’re down there, let me know how Mr. King is doing. Hope he’s well.

Photo: STLToday