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Hot Streaking

Looks like this race is destined for the wire.

The Cardinals came home and roundly thumped the NY Pondscum after falling behind early. Pujols is on pace for .310. And something called Adron Chambers continues to be the grim reaper for teams when he pinch hits.

What in the hell is going on here?

We’ve been asking, nay, begging for this team to show a little applebag in 2011 and it looks like they’ve finally discovered some inner strength.

Unfortunatly, the Braves won as well, so the gap remains 2.5 back. But with 8 remaining, it looks like the last week of the season is going to be nailbiting baseball. If you’d have told the 3 week ago Aaron that’d be the case, I’d laugh you out of here quick. But now, here I am, in Washington D.C. trying to freaking find a bar with the Cardinal game on.

(BTW- I might just have filmed the greatest video of all time last night. I’m debating on posting it or not…)

But here we are. An insane scenerio being played out before our eyes. And even if the Cardinals lose 3 in a row and fall all the way out of this sucker by the time they head out to Houston – at least we have whatever that feeling we have now is – for a few fleeting moments.

And if somehow they get to the playoffs… you want to play this team?