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Ice = No Friend Of Mine

Yesterday morning, I walked outside my front door.

I guess it had iced over night and soon I was on my ass. And not like I barely fell, I mean it was like one of those banana peel scenes in a cartoon. My feet flew out from under me and I busted it. HARD. So hard it left me with a sore tailbone and damn fine bruise on my arm.

So last night I’m remembering how awful it is to be barely awake, but kissing concrete so I went to Walgreens to buy some salt.

No dice.

I tried Vincent’s market in Soulard as well. But they were sold out. So I gave up. No salt was tossed liberally on my walk and this morning I went ahead and bit it again. Albeit a bit less hard, but still, I was down on the ground, in a tie, trying to stand up like a newborn deer.

Fuck ice.

And somebody get me a job in San Diego ASAP.

Now on to the supersized Friday Links. Supersized because of all the people that complained that I was lazy for not putting them up last week…

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That’s it. That’s the links.

See you at the EJD on Sunday.