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If You’re Counting On Opening Day Tickets From Lumière Place – Make Alternate Plans ASAP

We’re often told ‘if it’s too good to be true… it probably is’.

In our current social media climate, that old adage can probably be amended to ‘if it’s too good to be true… it probably is and if it’s even kinda good… you should probably be real skeptical’.

Over the past few days Hotel Lumière (also known as Lumière Place) started sending out notices to customers that if they booked one of their ‘Cardinals Home Opener’ specials, that the offer was no longer good and, well, tough luck. Feel free to cancel your stay.

The ‘special’s’ big hook? discounted opening night tickets. You know, the prime time game. The one against the Cubs. Maybe you heard of it?

From STLToday:

Representatives of the hotel did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday. In the email notifying customers of the problem, [hotel manager Oscar] Alvarez reveals few details about why the ticket and reservation packages fell through.

“Unfortunately, we were recently notified by the Cardinal Organization of a change in policy that affects all package ticket sales,” Alvarez wrote. “Regrettably, we are not able to offer the Cardinal’s Package this year.”

The “change of policy” appears to be Hotel Lumière  not renewing a sponsorship agreement with the Cardinals.

Later in the email, Alvarez again refers to the problem as an “unexpected change in policy.” It was not clear when the hotel stopped offering the deal to customers or how many were purchased.

A team spokesman told Fox 2 News that Lumière had not renewed a sponsorship, and so was no longer entitled to discounted tickets.

There’s no information on how many packages were sold, but there’s a fairly good chance that this weekend is going to be a rough one for the front desk. If you or someone you know is planning on going to the game via tix from Hotel Lumière (Lumière Place), it’s probably time to start making alternative plans.

Then again, a quick check on SeatGeek shows that even average box seats in the right field corner are going for $279 and up. Soooo…

Nice touch to cut the Arch into the stadium display there, SeatGeek.

Long story short, looks like Hotel Lumière (Lumière Place) has a big marketing FAIL on their hands during one of the biggest weekends of the year in St. Louis.

With Cardinals fans being the bread and butter for many hotels in downtown STL during the summer months – especially when the Cubs are in town – let’s hope that they make it right with everyone that booked rooms hoping to see the season’s first game.

Photo: St. Louis Restaurant Review