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In The News & The Friday Links

News Item 1: 'Nathan For You' airs on Comedy Central. 

Did you enjoy 'Da Ali G Show' before Sacha Baron Cohen became too famous to do his deadpan interviews in character? Then you're going to love this show. People have no idea how to handle him. Give the show a look. 

News Item 2: 590 KFNS is re-branding as 'The Man'.

Also, The Morning After is leaving for a TBD station owned by Inside STL and Bubba The Love Sponge will be in the market. 1190 AM is going to be 'The Woman'.

News Item 3: The STL Cards medical staff has cost the team $20 million in 2013 already.

I think even Y! Sports would say this is a bit sensationalistic. But at the same time, the Cardinals have chronically had situations like Furcals where it's Ok, it's Ok, it's Ok, he's out for the season.

I'm sure that it's harder to predict the health of elite athletes (ahem, Ray King, ahem) than it is Joe Blow, but maybe, just maybe, we'll get a nice surprise… like a player coming back early from an injury.

Now, the Friday Links…

When a girl has a problem in engineering class. LINK HERE

To the woman who crapped her pants. LINK HERE


Parkour goat. LINK HERE


How to float. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. We're only a couple weeks away from the NCAA tournament and temperatures over 30 degrees. Winter is almost vanquished. Keep calm, friends.