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Introducing Cardinals 2011 Death Meter

The Pirates?

The Pirates.

Jake Westbrook went out and shit the bed against an anemic offense while the Brewers, as expected, beat the tailpipe sucking Dodgers and now the Cardinals find themselves 6 games back in the NL Central with exactly 40 to play. That means the 2011 Birds have officially been put on death watch 2011…

Now, to be clear, the death meter goes to -10 back. Once we reach that number… It’s lights out for 2011. Hell, at this pace, we could be there by next week!

I’m going to choose to look on the bright-side of the series opening loss to the Bucs: the Cardinals have been consistent.

Consistently pathetic when it matters.

Now would be the time a leader on a team should step up and show some urgency. But I think we know by this point the Cardinals might be the first team in the history of baseball to have so many players make over 10 million dollars without one of them being able to step up and fire up his teammates. It’s almost like a roto team come to life. Relationships don’t matter.

The sooner football comes, the better.

We’ll keep the Death Meter updated as the losing continues. Thanks for your continued support.