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Is Dan McLaughlin The Next Broadcasting Legend?

My dad likes to remind me that when I was young, nobody liked Mike Shannon in the broadcast booth.

St. Louis was Harry Carey and Jack Buck… not some goofball half-lit talking out of his ass. And certainly not in the company of such extraordinary talent as Mr. Buck.

Now, a season or two from Mike Shannon retiring, the dude is beloved. His missteps verbally not only adulated, but enjoyed by Cardinal Nation with very little dissension. In fact, If Shannon just decided to not spend one second of a game talking about the actual game, I don’t know if you’d get more than a ‘that’s Shannon for ya’ from the unwashed masses.

Last night we got a little taste of another titan of the baseball broadcasting world- the incomparable Vin Scully. Who still calls games in a solo booth and spins yarn like it’s his EFFING JOB.

“Cardinals take the lead in the top of the 2nd as two birds fly home…” I mean this guy shits great announcing, right?

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Even though I’m not old enough to remember it, I bet there was a time where Vin Scully wasn’t as revered as he is now. So how did he and Shannon climb the ladder?


Just get behind that mic every game, every summer and just work. So I ask you this will all sincerity… is Dan McLaughlin on his way to becoming a legend?

Dude is coming into his 12th year as the play-by-play voice for the TV broadcasts of the Cardinals. He’s only 36 years old. And when you put him next to Al or Ricky Horton he sounds far less grating than I can ever remember.

Please don’t mis-remember this. I’m not saying he IS or WILL BE a broadcasting legend. But you have to admit that Dan is far less terrible than he used to be. And he doesn’t seem to ever miss work. So maybe this was how a guy like Shannon or Scully started out. Wait out the haters and before long, nobody remembers when you were the new sucky guy, you’re now the legend.

12 years from now he’ll be 48 and nearly a quarter century in, hitting the theoretical prime of a career for a broadcaster, on a medium that will continue to be the dominant force for watching sports?

Shit. This might actually happen.

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