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Is Fredbird Dating The Blue Jays Mascot?

We don’t have much to go on… but if this were the NY Post, we’d totally classify Fredbird and Ace’s actions in this team mascot photo as ‘canoodling’.

While every other mascot maintains some breathing room, Fredbird looks to be in a state of extreme pleasure, while Ace (the Blue Jay’s mascot) has his/her hands blocked from view and seems to be concentrating very hard.

Guys, come on. Not during the pictures!

I mean, Billy Marlin can barely believe what he’s hearing over there. Look at that face. LOOK AT IT!

Now it makes sense that two of the same species would want to get together. And, if we’re being honest here, Ace is probably a get for Fredbird (who’s getting a bit thick in the middle).

So let’s be happy for the new couple – but also respectful of the social norms that are widely accepted for PDAs.

Then again, neither of them are wearing pants.

Photo: MLB