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Is Today A Holliday?

I have a Matt Holliday piece ready to go when the Cardinals finally pull the trigger on the deal that will bring him back to St. Louis and I will post a link on the CD when that happens. So if you hear news that Holliday has indeed inked his pack with the team, come back for some more in-depth analysis/and or dick jokes.

Quickly, though, I have to say that I didn’t expect this to happen. And a part of me really won’t totally believe that the Cardinals pulled this off until I see an official press release… that being said- The Cardinals stepped up to the plate.

Was the FA market weak this winter? Yes. Are teams being more frugal this winter to save money for the FA class of 2011? Probably. Did the Cardinals get lucky by not having a NY Team or Boston jump into the mix seriously for Holliday? Absolutely. But from what I can gather, the team is getting a reasonable deal for an MVP caliber player in the prime of his career. They waited out Holliday’s agent Scott Boras and (seemingly) were able to have some leverage in negation.

Bouquets all around.

Just know that softball field and parking lot aren’t going anywhere for a LONG time…