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It Was Good To Be Nominated?

The big moment has arrived. Did CardsDiaspora.com win for ‘Best Sports Website’ in the annual RFT ‘Best Of’ competition? Let’s go to the announcement:


I mean, it’s not like the judges saw 3 homepage posts about The Bachelor when filled out their ballots, right? Oh they did? Double shit.

I love this video for a couple of reasons. Viva el Birdos didn’t bother to show up. I believe the only winner not to attend. Also, the dismissive nature of the host once he realizes that VEB does NOT do award shows (VoRP takes zero nights off)… he thinks about reading the judges final assessment, but decides that this is sports and moves on very quickly.

The night was a big time. Always very interesting to meet some of the people behind the sites we read. (Turns out The Weatherbird from the Post-Dispatch is awesome!) And free booze never hurts.

Thanks to The Riverfront Times for the nomination.

Oh, and since @MattSebek won for best Twitter feed, we thought it’d be a good idea to Kanye his acceptance speech. It was not a hit and I’m fine with that. But the guy that yelled “too soon” is still bugging me. Really? Too soon?