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It’s All Over Now And The Friday Links

What’s left to Say about the Cardinals? They’ve got this weekend and then the season is over. Not metaphorically like it was in July, August or September. But literally over, as in no more games at all.

That sucks.

I always hate when the season ends. Sure, we won’t have these lowly birds to kick around anymore… but  punishing them for their bad deeds was like a little daily ritual that I’m not ready to give up.

But I guess we’ll have to.

Some reading that’s not short form:

I re-purposed my article yesterday and put it up on InsideSTL today. If you’d do me a favor and click on over there so they can sell some more advertising and afford to keep me next season, I’d appreciate it. Hell, they’re probably hot chicks ready to break up your marriage hanging out over there too. LINK HERE

This is absolutely insane. In a nutshell, this chick from Duke decided to make a record of every dude she banged in college, then turn in a senior thesis on how these guys measured up in areas like ‘hitting on her’, ‘size’ and a number of other areas. I can’t believe that this is real, but the internet has pretty much verified that it is indeed real.  Just an amazing read. LINK HERE

I wrote for SB Nation STL this week and got us updated on our ‘problem child’ AKA The St. Louis Rams. Believe it or not, they win this Sunday and they have a claim to first place in the NFC West. FIRST place. I’m still a bit uncomfortable even saying it out loud. LINK HERE

Now, The Friday Links…

  • The ‘Product Training Institute’ suveys models. LINK HERE (HT: JRH)
  • The human Transformer is pretty cool. LINK HERE (HT: JRH)
  • Oh, Christ’s Sake. LINK HERE
  • 15 unusally sexually charged photos in ordinary life. LINK HERE (SFW)
  • Boston Legal never came up with dialoge this good. LINK HERE
  • Now that’s a creative business card. LINK HERE
  • What is this guy doing in there? Would you be frightened to be on his flight? LINK HERE

That’s all I’ve got for the week. If you’re at Taste of St. Louis this Saturday, come by the beer tent nearest to the mainstage and I’ll make sure to fill you up as high as the cup will let me.