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It’s May… And The Cardinals Are Under .500

There’s no sugarcoating it – the Cardinals are in the midst of the most disastrous series of their 2014 season.

On Friday afternoon, staff ace Adam Wainwright was touched up for 6 earned runs and 10 hits in only 5 innings of work. They lost 6-5 in his worst performance of 2014.

On Saturday, the flaccid bats – that have been a signature of the ’14 season – returned. The Birds were dismissed by the Cubs 3-0 behind Jake Arritea, who happened to be making his very first start of the season. The first three spots in the Cardinals lineup combined for a 0-11 performance.

The two losses pushed the Cardinals under .500 and only 2.5 games away from last place in the newly re-imagined Comedy Central. They will lose a series to a team that is openly playing 2014 with no expectations besides killing time until ’15 when they will bring up their prized prospects.

Anyone asked Coach Matheny how the sleeping arrangements in Wrigley are?

The Cardinals MLB ranks are gruesome. 26th in run scored. 26th in slugging percentage. 20th in batting average. 20th in on-base percentage.

Worse is the listless aura surrounding the entire roster. During yesterday’s breezy 2:43 minute game, the Cardinals didn’t display much urgency. And when they finally relinquished their half of a 0-0 tie, the game was over. There seemed to be no confidence that this team would or could mount a comeback.

Friends, we’re at a dangerous point in the 2014 season. After tonight, 6 tough games against the Braves and Pirates on the road await. The Cardinals are regressing from any success we might have believed they had in April. The habits and mentality of a losing team are starting to percolate.

Excuses are the bricks that build a house of failure.

Championship teams beat bad teams. That is true in 2014 same as it will be true in 2114. So it’s time to stop looking for reasons why things aren’t happening and start expecting players are held accountable for slack performances and do better.

Photo: FanSided