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It’s Time To Call Up Oscar Taveras

Shane Robinson is a nice story. He’s worked hard and deserved a shot in the bigs. But he’s 5 for his last 44 and fading fast. Skip Shumaker looks to be sidelined for a while and Jon Jay is another Cardinal medical staff wonder (I swear guys… just a few more days. Promise!) 

Long story short? Cardinals are sucking wind in CF. 

So it’s time to bust out the ‘Minor League Guy’! That’s right people, it’s time to call up one Oscar Taveras. In in interest of time, here’s what USA Today recently wrote on one of the top prospects in the minor leagues.

“Finishing up this time with a third brilliant breakout at Class AA, check out 19-year-old Dominican Oscar Taveras.

Also an outfielder, with a similar profile to Kang, Taveras is presently hitting .310-10-34 at Springfield for the Cardinals system, with 12 doubles and a .980 OPS over his first 41 games.

Taveras possesses a career OBP of .379 (85 walks to 165 strikeouts), and like Kang nearly as many triples (19), as steals (23). This suggests gap power and speed for both players, not to mention the possibility of tremendous base-running potential.”

Yeah, yeah. Colby Rasmus didn’t work out the way we wanted. But then again, if you’re under 30, Tony LaRussa has a tough time accepting you as a man, let alone a ballplayer. Maybe Coach MaDreamy can take this young stud under his wing and let him flourish.


It’s probably not going to happen. And even if it did, it’s not like everyone can be Bryce Harper. But still, keep an eye on Robinson these next few games. And tell me you wouldn’t at least unleash the beast for a few weeks and see if he’s instant fire like, ahem, Pujols, ahem, was.


At least we’d get some cool Oscar related memes and shit, right?

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