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It’s Time To Move On From Tyler Greene

I’m not a major league baseball player. You’re not a major league baseball player. We’re not in the minority; we’re the vast majority. There is no shame in not having success in the highest level of a professional sport. Quite the opposite, it’s an honor to be considered worthy of a chance to play in the Majors.

Tyler Greene was drafted with the last pick in the first round of the 2005 MLB Draft. The Georgia Tech standout was tabbed as the eventual long term infield solution for a team that was featuring a departing Edgar Renteria and middling Tony Womack. After years of neglect, the Cardinals were using a premium pick on a talented, but streaky player. 

7 years later, the Cardinals are still waiting to reap any benefits from having drafted Tyler Greene. The talent doesn’t seem to be the problem. According to many, including Al Hrabosky, it’s hard to speak his name without its mention. Almost as if his permanent prefix is ‘talented’. 

And he bears it like a scarlet letter, since ‘talented’ doesn’t always equate to ‘good’.

Tyler’s 0-1 pinch hit strike out on Tuesday dipped his season average down to .206. His inability to field a hot shot in extra innings allowed the Cubs to take the first series all year from the Cardinals as a team and handed them a second straight 3-2 loss. A totally forgettable inning in a major league career that has been defined by potential unreached.

2012 was supposed to be the year.

No longer under the overbearing watch of Tony LaRussa. In the midst of his prime (28). Given the starting 2B job without much competition. Out of options to Memphis. This was it. This was the season. This was the year.

18 games in? It’s hard to see where Tyler fits in on this team.

New manager Mike Matheny has shown a preference to go with Daniel Descalso in the starting line-up. Meanwhile, the pinch-hitting efforts in Green’s career have been blamed for many of his downfalls. So he can’t stay in the line-up and when he does get inserted, he can’t perform? Without options it’s time the Cardinals start to look for some.

This isn’t going to be a popular post. I know that writing it. It’s hard to call your baby ugly. And for years, Greene has signaled hope for stability in the middle infield. The more talented Tommy Herr. But it’s just not happening for Greene in St. Louis. Good guy (I assume) and good talent (established) but not worthy of a roster spot. Seeing as Lance Berkman, Allen Craig and Chris Carpenter all need somewhere to go when they get healthy… it’s time to start looking at Tyler Greene and what the Cardinals can get for him, if anything, in a trade.

Sometimes a trade isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes a fresh start is welcome. Let’s not prolong what’s coming down the pike and move on. For everyone’s sake, including the Talented Tyler Greene.