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It’s X-Mas Eve. Thoughts on Braggin’ Rights & More

2008 years and 364 days ago, Jesus H. Christ was primed to be expelled from his mother’s uterus. You know what would have helped his mom Mary?

A brand new baseball glove and gift card from 54th Street Bar and Grill!

Mrs. Christ didn’t have access to high speed Internet in that fucking dirty barn… but you do- so submit your pic with a famous person in the comments to THIS POST and get entered to win. Remember that the deadline is Saturday night @ 8p CST. If you can’t figure out how to do it- just e-mail me the pic and i’ll post it for you. And please pass the link to the site on to anyone that you might think would play along.

For 4 random thoughts on 4 random things- keep reading…

1) Remember when the Busch Braggin’ Rights game was a big deal? I do. I used to about pee my pants with excitement when the game came around! Now? Well, I’m not sure if UConn V Stanford didn’t have a better collection of talent.

Hell, more of them could dunk!

Not only did ESPN send Doris Burke’s backup to call the game- but if Tim McKernan wasn’t such a Mizzou honk, I don’t know if this game would have been discussed at all this week on sports talk radio.

For the love of Christ- I saw 2 separate Facebook postings giving away tickets- with 0 replies. That about sums it up.

2) Christmas needs to get on a Thanksgiving schedule. Last Friday of December or something. Everything works out real nice for a 4-5 day break for most of us this year, but in 2010 it’s back to having this day completely screw the 3 wise men.

3) Good luck to Troy Glaus. He might have had the quietest 2 years from a 10M+ player in Cardinal history. In fact, not that many Cardinals have made over 8 figures a season, let alone just been kind of meh and not really get a strong reaction either way from fans.

He’s like the Wheat Thin of baseball. Pretty good when you have it, but when you see how much it cost? Well, just not worth it.

4) Bad Santa needs to be playing much more than it does.