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Jack Buck & Harry Caray Recap The 1964 Season

The offseason.

It's the time of the year where we can fully mine the internet for hidden gems. And today, I think we've uncovered a good one.

We can't confirm where this audio broadcast aired (KMOX?), but we do know that it's a radio special that Mr. Jack Buck and Mr. Harry Caray did where they recapped the 1964 Cardinals season, one in which they beat the New York Yankees in the World Series (7 games). 

In the years since this was broadcast, the Cubs have co-opted Caray as their "voice", but this comes from a time where two of the most legendary broadcasters the sport has seen were a team for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pretty amazing audio that includes their actual game calls. Somehow, these videos only have a couple hundred listens (i.e. views).