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Jeff Suppan Retires & The Friday Links

It feels like Tuesday, but it's FRIDAY! 

Sometimes the mid-week holidays aren't that bad after all, right? 

Here's a toast to Jeff Suppan. The former St. Louis Cardinals starter from 2004-2006 retired this week. His career with the team spanned 3 seasons, produced 32 wins and a 2006 NLCS MVP honor. He made the announcement 6 years to the hour when his mom passed away as a tribute.

In total, Suppan pitched in 448 games (417 starts) over 2,542 2/3 innings for 7 different teams, including both the Cardinals and Royals in Missouri. He never did make an All-Star team. He never generated a Cy Young vote. But he was part of one of the most improbable St. Louis Cardinals World Series wins. Ever.

He was also the the creator and curator of the 'Word Of The Day' segment on FSN. From a 2006 interview with MLB.com, he talked about the bit:

It started out that whenever I talked to the scribes, I would always joke around and use cliché words like "pinnacle" and "apex" as a joke. We started going back and forth looking for new words that I could use in my repertoire. I gave one to one of our media guys once and he used it on the air. It became a thing that people love and they ask me every day what the word is. Now I have to stay on top of my game with words. "Surreptitious" is a word I like to use now, and it's a small thing that teachers probably appreciate me doing. It's just a fun thing to do.

Best of luck in whatever is next for Jeff 'Soup' Suppan. In just 2 years, he'll be back at Busch Stadium celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the 2006 World Series. Feel old?

Now, the Friday Links…

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That's it. That's the week. And by the time Monday rolls around (for most of you), it'll feel the furthest from baseball season all year long. It's cold. Real cold. But we'll get through it together and come out the other side with Spring Training soon after.