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Joe Holleman With Useful Information About Busch Stadium

Joe Holleman, everybody!

I learned more in his one post than from spending an hour on Google News searching for ‘St. Louis Cardinals’. I’d encourage you to go check out his whole list (LINK HERE), but if you’re too lazy to drag your mouse over and click…

The findings.

1) The Busch Stadium center field signage got an upgrade: “[T]he two birds on bats, the clock and the Budweiser sign all will be illuminated with LED lights this year so it will be brighter and more energy-efficient.” A dimmer switch was also also installed.

2) You can buy the Cardinals media guide online for $20 bucks for the first time. Usually only the super cool media people get this wealth of knowledge.

3) KTVI (FOX 2) bought a boat and named it the ‘AquaFOX’ so it can cover news in the water. Somehow this is tied into Opening Day, but I’m just not sure how. Is that late still on the corner of Clark and 8th St.? The bottom line? That’s brilliant. Whoever came up with that name deserves a raise.

Move over Goold and Strauss. Looks like Holleman is coming for your crown!

Photo: Sheree Nielsen