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Joe Torre Didn’t Hurt My Arm

World Series Game 6 take two. ACTION! 

It wouldn’t be late October in St. Louis without 40 degree days spiced heavily with a driving drizzle. So MLBs Director of Operations Joe Torre called off WED’s tilt and re-scheduled it for Thursday. Game 7 (if needed) was pushed back to Friday.

(Side Bar: I love Joe Torre. I do. Back in the early 90s I had a cable access show about sports with one of my buddies. We were in grade school at the time, so we were short- remember that. Torre was then the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.

One day my buddy’s grandpa got us in touch with the Cardinals PR department and they let us go on the field before a game and interview players. Considering these players are all like 6’3” and above and we were probably 4’ at the time, my most enduring memory is holding the mic above my head for long periods of time while Ray Lankford, Todd Zeile and the like blabbed on and on like we were real reporters. In retrospect, it was pretty amazing how straight these guys played it. They were giving us the same cliches that they’d give any other reporter.


Joe Torre was the only person that knelt down to get to eye level when we talked to him. He seemed to actually be aware that we were kids. It wasn’t a coincidence that it turned out to be the best interview we did. My arm wasn’t throbbing after talking to him.

Our local paper (Edwardsville Intelligencer) did a story on the whole excursion and the big quote they pulled out of me was that Joe Torre was my favorite interview… “because he knelt down so my arm didn’t get tired.”

Much more innocent times back then. I’m sure if there was Google back in 1993, he’d have been asked about this at a later date. Perhaps by Chris Hansen.

There is your Joe Torre story for the day.)

The debate has been swirling since the official word came down that the games had been pushed back. Most of it centered around who this delay of 1 day actually favors.

PRO– It’s a real possibility that Chris Carpenter can come back on 4 days rest if a game 7 is needed.

CON– The Cardinals know their backs are against the wall and had and extra day to think about how they can’t screw up in Game 6 or it’s all over.

PRO– An extra day to get a brutal loss out of everyone’s head gives the Cardinals a fresh start.

CON– You really want Jamie Garcia sitting around for 24 more hours thinking about this start?

The list goes on.

As much as we’d like to predict the future, we can’t. Anything is possible. Literally anything. Like the Game 6 video we linked to yesterday (see below) or the most forgettable game of the season (albeit one that will have the Rangers dog piling on the field, celebrating their first championship and starting an avalanche of ‘Is Dallas The New Title Town USA’ stories from hack writers far and wide.)

In that vein, I’d like to direct you to THIS PIECE.

Read that. Please. I know many of you might have a pre-conceived notion on what Tim is or isn’t. But seriously, just read that. I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

THIS is what it’s literally all about.