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John Farrell Dismissed By Red Sox For Poor Postseason Performance & Lower TV Ratings

John Farrell.

As manager of the Boston Red Sox:

  • Won 93 or more games 3 of the past 5 seasons
  • Won the AL East division 2 straight years
  • Won the 2013 World Series (against the Cardinals)
  • Placed in top 4 of AL Manager of the year voting twice
  • Managed the 2014 AL All-Star team

And he was dismissed from his position this morning.

From ESPN:

In dumping Farrell now, [Red Sox President of baseball operations Dave] Dombrowski agreed that the team needs a new voice in the clubhouse and a fresh public face. Despite another first-place American League East finish, the Red Sox grew increasingly unpopular this season. Prime-time television ratings on New England Sports Network dropped 15 percent below ratings last year, which was David Ortiz’s final season.

The Red Sox expected more, looks like.

I just hope he can take off that hat for a few days and give his noggin a breather.

Here is a totally unrelated story about the Cardinals TV ratings.

From STLToday:

Last year the rating was down 18 percent from the previous year, and this time it fell an additional 12 percent. That’s a 30 percent dip in just two years. And this season’s figure is 24 percent below the average rating (8.4) for each previous season dating to 2000.


Looks like fans in both Boston and St. Louis are getting tired of not having the success they expect from their teams.

The definition of success just happens to be a bit different, I guess.

Photo: Morning Post