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Jon Jay Is Carrying The Cardinals On His Back

Jon Jay, man.

Dude was left for dead on the Cardinals roster this spring. With the addition of Peter Bourjos and the ascendance of Oscar Taveras – there just wasn’t going to be much PT for our friend.

As they push down the homestretch, the Cardinals have moved to 12 games over .500 and nights like last night are a big reason for this mini-surge.

3-4. 2 runs. 1 RBI. And a stint in all 3 OF positions. Jon Jay is putting the Birds on his back.

Jay has now pushed his season average to .313 and has stroked 15 hits in the last 10 games (including at least 1 hit in all 10).

He’s also been hit by a MLB high 16 pitches on the season, surpassing his career high of 15 in 2012 with roughly half the plate appearances. Friends, even the curve balls hurt a little. Nothing but respect.

The Cardinals may or may not make the playoffs in 2014. But the fact that they rank 28th in runs scored, have a scoring differential of -2 and are in the bottom quadrant for slugging means that the team is finding ways to win despite themselves.

The biggest ‘way’ at the moment is having Jon Jay in the lineup to scratch and claw his way back into an outfield that was supposed to be too crowded for him to be anything more than a weekly breather for the big guns.

Photo: Missourinet