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Lance Berkman In The Booth? Yes Please.

So I'm trolling around some St. Louis Cards news on the Internet when I come across an article on SB Nation about Lance Berkman possibly heading back to the Houston Astros. 


Houston? Those dirty dogs? I mean, I thought Berks got a taste of the filet and wouldn't want round steak anymore. But to each their own.

The article went on to explain that the talks were in the early stages with Houston GM (and former Cardinals front office exec) Jeff Lunhow and that this might not pan out. But if it does, he'd be a platoon DH.

Ah. Forgot that Houston was out of the NL Central in 2013. DH makes sense. 

Now full disclosure here, Dan Moore wrote this article. He's my editor for SB Nation when I write about the Rams. So when I say that his throw away line he ended with was one of the best ideas I've heard this offseason, I'm only exaggerating by a little bit… but you can understand.


Berkman can clearly still hit, and he's clearly still a fan-favorite everywhere he's ever been. If he can clearly walk come March, the Astros would be remiss if they didn't pursue something like this, much as I'd love to see Berkman slide in, say, to the Cardinals' TV color analyst chair…


Lance Berkman as the new color guy. Love it. LOVE it. 

Let's face it, Berkman is destined to be a baseball color guy. He knows baseball. He played baseball. He seems like a guy you'd want to have a beer with. He can be entertaining during blowouts. He can be thoughtful when needed. He's not NOT going to be a baseball color guy.
And here in STL, it looks like Danny Mac has finally got his drinking under control. So we're hopefully going to move to him being the announcer 100% of the games in 2013. But that also means that Al and Ricky Horton are going to still be on the color commentary. 
The Cardinals are one of the top rated local telecasts in the nation. It's a real boon to be a Cardinals announcer. But somehow, FSN treats their booth as if they owe it to Al to be in there because he always has been and to Ricky because he's super nice.
Don't fire the guys. Let them fill in when needed. Let them do the studio shows. Maybe some on-field reporting. They're are some smart people at FSN… they'll figure out how to use them.
In the meantime, you're grooming Berkman to become one of the future Cardinals broadcasting legends.
I don't know what Lance has in store for 2013… but if he doesn't play, then do like Dan says and put him in the booth.