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Lance Lynn’s Huge Day & The Friday Links

Happy Pi Day.

On the same day that Oscar Taveras got sent to the minor league side of camp, Lance Lynn decided to interject himself loudly into the Spring Training conversation.

I'll count myself among those that thought Lynn was ripe for a trade and/or a bullpen assignment. When Garcia's injury problems reared their head early in camp, all that  was a non-starter. Lynn was going to be in the rotation and everyone was pretty good with that.

Yesterday he came out and struck out 10 Atlanta Braves, including 8 in a row.

He only pitched 4 innings. FOUR.

(Side note: I know it's not a real game and I know you're on vacation, but it's ok to get into the moment a little bit if you're seeing something crazy. Shout out the 30 people that stood up after he left after the 4th inning…)

The long game with Lynn has been the issue the past couple of seasons. How does he do post All-Star Game.

That's a long way off. For now, let's give Lynn some credit for taking a good team and destroying them, showing just how deep the Cardinals starting pitching really is. If you want, you can hear him talk about his game here.

Now The Friday Links…

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That's it. That's the week. Go out and enjoy your St. Patrick's Day weekend, NCAA conference championship tournaments and extra daylight. Unless Lance Lynn already struck out your plans. Then nevermind.