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Lance Lynn Wasn’t The Only Problem Sunday

I thought it’d take longer.

After registering his first MLB shutout, I posited idea. I didn’t like it, but I also know how Cardinals fan group think metastasizes. Lance Lynn was A) not a fan favorite (not hated by any means, but not a favorite either so this is a very literal interpretation) B) in possession of lackluster recovery skills when things go off plan and C) a favorite target of hypothetical trades you make with your buddies.

His very next start? It was Sunday afternoon. And it was brutal. 3 1/3 innings. 7 runs (4 earned). 4 walks 8 hits. 2 strikeouts. The ying to last weeks yang.

The fact that he was on one leg after a botched 1B coverage in the first inning?

What about his history of success with the Cardinals? That get him any love?

Encouragement after a rough outing for one of our boys?



For sure, the majority of Cardinals Nation isn’t going on Twitter an blasting Lynn. But even after all the successes he has had with the Cardinals, there still seems to be a palpable sense that Lynn is replaceable.

He’s not. At least not easily.

He’s a solid 4th or 5th starter in a great rotation. He’s not Mike Wacha or Adam Wainwright, well, because those guys aren’t that easy to come by.

At the end of the day, Lance Lynn will get the headlines for a bad start. But let’s not forget that even if he threw another game comparable to the one earlier this week, the Cardinals still wouldn’t have won.

Photo: Wesport-News.com