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LaRussa May Be Forced To Quit Managing Cardinals

If you’re in the camp that Tony LaRussa can do no right and you’d like to see what the Cardinals could do without him on the bench, you might be getting your wish sooner than later.

The STL Post-Dispatch is reporting that LaRussa will fly to Arizona on the Cardinals off-day (today) to get the eye infection that has plagued him since spring training examined. If the doctors order LaRussa to rest, he has pledged to follow the orders and take the recommended time off.


Opinions are spilt when it comes to stress and infections. Some believe that the body heals quicker in the absense of stress (i.e. having to watch the Cardinal bullpen nightly), while others can’t draw a provable correlation between healing and lack of stress. I flunked biology in high school, so I’m not at liberty to really weigh in here.

Reading Hummel’s piece, it does seem like LaRussa is dealing with a great amount of pain. I suppose I just thought it was one of those things that look bad, but wasn’t providing extreme discomfort. So I was completely off base on that.

And while the merits of TLR’s decisions with the bullpen this year can be questioned, I don’t think that anyone would argue that the 2011 Cardinals, at least thus far, are anything but a reflection of his personality. Tough, productive, hard to beat. From the loss of Wainwright to the loss of Fresse and a closer implosion in between, the Cardinals are in first place the day after Mother’s Day because Don Tony has gutted out 35 games.

Expect news on this developing situation sometime early Monday evening.

(Photo: Chris Lee)