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LaRussa to Appear on “Housecat Housecall”

Sometimes the articles just write themselves…

Per the Animal Planet PR Guy:

“Thought you might be interested in today’s news that Cardinals’ manager Tony LaRussa will be appearing during the third season of Housecat Housecall (presented by Purina Cat Chow), a reality show that airs on Animal Planet. The show is similar to a “Supernanny for cats.” If you need more information, or photos from LaRussa’s episode, please let me know.”

Yes, Mr. PR Guy. We are interested. So will you send us some pics?

Perfect. Looks like video is on the way…

You’ve got to hand it to TLR. He either has absolutely no concept of what the internet does or he loves kitty cats that much. Either way, good for him.

Oh, and that chick on the left? That’s his daughter. She’s on Twitter. Creep away: LINK HERE