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Last Night’s Live Blog- Recap

Score 1 for the Cards Diaspora Midas touch!

When we were planning last night’s live blog of the Cardinals game we figured that the Padres, despite their strong start, wouldn’t be able to match the potent offense of the mighty Cardinals from St. Louis. 13 innings and one run later, we’d like to revise that thought process.

You can read the whole transcript of the chat below- and I have to say- using the Cover It Live application is cool as hell. All sorts of different things you can do to make it a really interactive experience for everyone. It’s like a virtual bar, only you don’t have to pay for the booze.

The highlights, in case you missed it:

+ Will Leitch, founder of Deadspin.com, former scourge of Buzz Bissenger, groom to be and author of the new book “Are We Winning” stopped by for an hour and participated in the reindeer games. We were right in the middle of trying to confirm some unfounded reports that Jon Jay’s new GF was a girl that had a lot of ‘friends’ in high school. He couldn’t have picked a better time visit. Do us a favor and buy the book. Here’s a chapter excerpted from it.

+ Frank Stallone, brother to Sly, and friend to the unemployment line also stopped by. And it got weird real quick. In our defense- it was after midnight at this point, so it’s not like socially well-adapted people are on live blogs past 12, right?

+ Matt Sebek of Joe Sports Fan provided us with some amusing headlines.

+ Jay Randolph Jr of KFNS came by and lit everyone up with his charm and personality. You’ll probably be hearing a bunch more of him now that McKernan and him are bros again on 590.

+ Speaking of… Justin Boyd of InsideSTL and all around good guy was a little drunk. But he made himself known.

+ The Sign Guy pretty much proved he’s a fake when he was dropping Joe Buck and Kahlil Greene sign suggestions that would make Artie Lange blush. I’m thinking that his 15 minutes are close to being over. Hopefully. PLEASE!

+ Mike from the excellent STL website Punching Kitty, and winner of yesterday’s poll on who you’d like to see come by, was very pithy.

+ Drew Silva from Roto World stopped by and told a story about his friendly encounter with Bill DeWitt.

+ Our new columnist Trumbsy found out that our readers are all creeps.

+ And HMW did his very best to try and keep everything running smoothly. A special thanks to him for setting everything up. He even has Will’s cell phone number now. So he can expect some drunk dials later this weekend.

We will plan on doing another one of these in the future. Hopefully even more of you knuckle draggers can make it out… We’ll keep you posted.