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Let Me See Your Ankle Roll & The Friday Links

You know what sucks? Spraining your ankle. 

Let's talk turkey here. You're not that active. You don't play sports. And you're probably not going to need 99% of the surgeries that our favorite athletes need.

You've read/talked about Tommy John surgery how many thousands of times? But you're not going in for the TJ. 


But a sprained ankle? We've all been there. It's awful. Your ankle gets all blue and brown. It's hard to walk, but no one is really sympathetic.


Rolled my ankle.


The tone pretty much changes just like that. You'd be better off saying you stepped in a beehive or got bit by a loose dog. Nobody has sympathy for the guy with a rolled ankle. It lingers with hangnails and some others down there in wimpville.

Trouble is, the Cardinals are coming off a 2-5 stretch against the Reds and Pirates and their best offensive player is gone for 2 weeks. From a rolled ankle. And even with the best care and a battery of trainers working on it all day and night… well, what were you doing 2 weeks after spraining your ankle?

You were still in a boot. 

Allen Craig will return this season. But he won't be GOOD until spring training. Hell, Coach Mac (friend of the CD) is still complaining about his sprained ankle… FIVE YEARS LATER!

There really isn't a big point to make in this post… other than this is a much bigger deal than we're all treating it as. Pffft, rolled ankle, he's good.

We'll, Craig hopefully will be. But I wouldn't count on it.

Now, the Friday Links…

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That's it. That's the week. The Cardinals have a make or break series against the Pirates for the NL Central title this weekend. The Rams open up one of their most hyped seasons in years. And LouFest is kicking in Forest Park. Get out of your house and do something.