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Let’s Tase All The Philly Fans: VIDEO!

We knew it was only a matter of time before the video made it’s way out. And now we’ve GOT IT!

This morning, Joe Sports Fan had it first and posted to their site. You can see it below. But go to that site sometime today because it’s good for your soul.

A little backstory for those who missed it- last night during the Cards/Phils game a young man made it on to the field. Instead of showing this, FSN gave us a shot of Yadier Molina watching the guy run around. Then the fan got tasered by cops and Dan Mac went wild in the booth while Molina was seeing something of interest judging  by his reaction.

In fact, Dan and Al came back the next inning and talked about how they might of actually show the incident, if it was up to FSN… but MLB told them no way. Never. Then Dan opined that he would be asked about this for the next few days and that it’s not up to him. STOP BUGGING DAN, PEOPLE!

Stupid Selig.

UPDATE I: Now we have a second video. Thanks to @2xAught7

UPDATE II- Reader MC from Philly was at the game last night with his cell phone… so now we’ve got another angle. From a higher perspective.