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Despite the 17-11 drubbing in yesterday’s scrimmage vs the Mets, it was a happy day for Cardinal fans everywhere. It meant we are one step closer (31 days to be exact) from opening day in Cincy. And a grueling 4 months, 26 days away from me nerding out way too much when I get my Vince Coleman bobblehead. But most importantly, it means we’re just beginning that long journey of watching the Cardinals wreck the National League and hopefully make some noise in the playoffs (“thud”s don’t count).

Win after win, boring soundbite after boring soundbite, the Cardinals are easily the favorite to win the Central. But we all know games aren’t played on paper (they are played inside our televisions), and there are a few scenarios where the Cardinals are stuck playing golf in October, instead of dropping fly balls and walking six guys, only to have Mark Fucking Loretta of all people, ruin any chance of making a run to the World Series … uh, instead of …

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Other Cardinals notes: if you haven’t received any of the 104 emails, single game seats go on sale today at 10am. And if you missed yesterday’s televised game, here is a the broadcast schedule for the rest of the spring.

I’ve got links aplenty today, let’s get to it:

It was a banner day for Fake Mike Shannon yesterday – follow him on Twitter right now, or just go there every once in a while to take in his wisdom.  LINK HERE

The RFT profiles 13 St. Louis bloggers this week, and none of them – NONE – are me or Hooks. Worst list ever.  LINK HERE (begrudgingly)

(Though to be fair, I enjoy Punching Kitty and JoeSportsFan, oh and apparently The Beautiful Kind now, which isn’t the safest for work)

Fellow Draft Dorks: The 2010 Cardinals Draft Preview.  LINK HERE

Neighbor Circus: this site pretty much captures People of Wal-Mart once they get back home.  LINK HERE

DEVO Color Study. I’m red, but not sure what it means, other than I’m an evil bastard (or a die-hard, Winter-Warm-Up-attending, card-carrying member of Cardinal Nation!).  LINK HERE

If you missed your shot at Mardi Gras, here’s an idea, or 13, for the St. Paddy’s Day parade.  LINK HERE

The title is “When Chat Roulette Gets Awkward,” but I think that starts when you type “www.cha” into your browser (I do like the video underneath too).  LINK HERE

The 50 Most Badass Sports Celebrations (best part: it’s not hosted by Chris Rose, John Salley, or Rob Dibble).  LINK HERE


I was supposed to have some kind of contest for you guys this weekend, but the creative juices aren’t flowing on a Friday morning. We’ll try to have something going for you Monday, whether Hooks abandons us and stays in Mexico, or not.


11:15am update: as noted in the comments, it looks like today’s game will not be on tv or radio. Here’s a gameday link to follow pitch-by-pitch at least.