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Lou Brock Confirms Pujols Is All About The Money?

Most “off-seasons” we’ve had require some scrounging around the Interwebs in January and February. Its part and parcel of operating a site with a giant redbird on the mast head. One tried and true method of currying content is to just scan Google News posts. See if anything looks out of place. Mine for that nugget thateveryone else overlooked.

“Lou Brock Happy To Help At Night Of Memories”

That was the headline. And Lou was being a good guy when he showed up at a charity even in Evansville Indiana over the weekend. Little did he know that the enterprising reporter named Gordon Engelhardt was going to show up for the local paper and coax out of Brock the most revealing on the record evidence from a ‘friend’ that Pujols is a big time money grabber:

He said Albert Pujols expected to stay with the Cardinals until the end when the extra money offered by the Los Angeles Angels was simply too much to turn down.

“I’m pretty close to Albert and he had no idea he was going to another ballclub,” Brock said. “The Cardinals had the last right of refusal and he thought he would be coming back. But the numbers were so far apart.”

However, Pujols kept insisting it wasn’t about the money. Perhaps the language barrier got in the way, Brock joked.

“Maybe it was interpreting from English to Spanish,” he said. “In the days of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, it was about who was the best playerat each position, not who was the highest-paid player at each position.”

Brock pretty much lays it out there: Pujols left because of the money.

Hooks – we already knew this, you asshat! 

Ok, we already knew that. But The Pujols’ little media tour a few weeks back when they decided to tell us all it wasn’t about the money? That pissed me off. And not because he’s making more money than pretty much everyone in professional sports. Hell, pretty much anyone period. He’s earned that right as an American. It pisses me off because I know what’s coming down the pipe.

MLB schedule makers will have the Angels in STL for the 2013 season. This is a stone cold immortal lock. And since a season plus some will have passed, Pujols is going to show up and start sucking up from the time his plane lands. And Cardinal fans are going to give him a standing ovation, because they’re nice people that wouldn’t boo you if they caught you in bed with their wife. 

And that moment, literally 2 years from now, is enough to make me wince.

Read those quotes from Lou Brock up there again. Albert Pujols took the money and ran. Remember that. The outpouring of support you showed him for 11 years really meant dick to the guy. Remember that too.