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Lou Brock Missed Game 7… To Attend a Cardinals Exhibit?

In the most contradictory thing that’s ever happened in Cardinal history, it’s been revealed that Lou Brock did not watch Game 7 of the 2011 World Series because Lou Brock was attending an opening of a St. Louis Cardinals exhibit. 

I repeat. 

LOU BROCK, an all-time St. Louis Cardinals great was in Arkansas for a grand opening of a St. Louis Cardinals exhibit and couldn’t see a single inning of the 7th game of a World Series. And he was joined by other St. Louis Cardinal fans.

This is nutty. The man PLAYED in 3 World Series Game 7s. 


Now that you’ve read that, maybe you can help us clarify a few things.

1) It’s hard to re-schedule an event, but there were roughly 20 hours from the end of Game 6 to the start of Game 7. Was no one in Arkansas able to get a TV for Lou Brock? 

2) What kind of people show up for an event about the St. Louis Cardinals when the St. Louis Cardinals are playing in the 7th game of a World Series? That’s like leaving Heidi Klum to hang out in your bed because you need to watch an episode Project Runway on DVR. 

3) The event was for a charity. Call somebody at Wal-Mart HQ and have them cut a check and let Sweet Lou enjoy some baseball, right? 

4) Was that shot in the last graph aimed at the Cardinals owners failure to get a brick and mortar HOF built? They have the virtual HOF up, though. And everyone outside of Arkansas (AKA computer owners) can look at the stuff online.

5) Get Lou a smart phone, STL.