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Lou Brock & The Backstreet Boys

I’m not quite sure what he means, either.

But it’s being reported in the Des Moines Register:

It’s not his first visit to Des Moines. Brock recalled another visit to Des Moines when he ran into the boy-band group the Backstreet Boys.

“I said, ‘We have backstreet boys in St. Louis too,'” Brock said with a smile.

Not these guys, though.

“I called my son and said, ‘You ever heard of the Backstreet Boys,'” Brock recalled. “He said, ‘Yeah dad, they’re real popular.'”

So there you have it.

Go to Des Moines. Maybe see Lou Brock. Maybe see the Backstreet Boys. St. Louis may or may not have different Backstreet Boys than Des Moines – all according to the HOFer.


Photo: Post- Gazette