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Mark McGwire Complete Re-Cap

Mark McGwire came clean and admitted he used steroids for a good portion of his career. Who was more relieved, TLR or Big Mac’s suddenly substantial neck waddle. Seriously, if you live on a farm, do not click on any of the links below marked VIDEO- you’re chickens might get crazy with jealousy. I don’t know if the new steroid PSA shouldn’t just be a closeup of that loose skin…

Bob Costas had the most in-depth interview of the night and did a nice job of asking some pointed questions without getting too preechy. It’s honestly uncomfortable asking a guy 5 times your size about needles n’ horseplay in a bathroom stall without feeling a twinge of fear. Well done Bob. Well done

Since the first round up of Matt Holliday Links was such a smashing success, let’s take a trip around the internet and see just how people are reacting to the big news of the day.

We will add more links as they come in over the course of tonight and tomorrow, but if you’ve got a suggestion we’ve missed, feel free to use the ‘Contact’ button at the top of this page to e-mail it to us or just post in the comment section.

Let’s waste the day, friends:

Mark McGwire on when he used steroids (VIDEO) LINK HERE

MM on his congressional testimony in 2005 (VIDEO) LINK HERE

MM on Jose Canseco and his ‘Juiced’ allegations (VIDEO) LINK HERE

Bleacher Report article on why you shouldn’t care that Big Mac juiced. LINK HERE

Bernie interviews Mark McGwire for his blog on STLToday. LINK HERE

Richard Justice is in McGwire’s corner. Big time. LINK HERE

Amazing wrestling video that is very, very timely now. (HT JB) LINK HERE

Tony LaRussa is interviewed on ESPN (VIDEO) LINK HERE

Cam Inman gives us the view from the Bay Area. LINK HERE

Tyler Kepner of the NY Times with a sobering look at how this effects MLB. LINK HERE

The Daily News chirps in with the “All-Enhanced Team” LINK HERE

Peter Gammons on MM’s Hall of Fame chances. LINK HERE

Brian Williams of NBC News slams Mark McGwire on the evening news. LINK HERE

Ryne Gery implores us to think about the fans. LINK HERE

Scott Miller of CBS Sports tells us that history will be the gauge of MM. LINK HERE

Tom Verducci of SI let’s us know that MM feels better now. LINK HERE

Sports Pickle: “Steriods Gave me the Strength to Apologize”. LINK HERE

Tim Brown of Yahoo! claims Big Mac WAS the steriod era. LINK HERE

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports buries MM’s HOF chances. LINK HERE

… New stories that have surfaced:

A tearful deconstruction of the apology over @ Big League Stew LINK HERE

Bernie again taking critics of MM’s apology to task. LINK HERE

B.J. Rains with the fans recations to the MM admission. LINK HERE

Tim McKernan on InsideSTL with his take on MM LINK HERE