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Matt Adams With A Game Winning Hit

Or Daniel Descalso.

You know, whatever, it's only the official site of Major League Baseball:

I wouldn't even point this out, but because MLB.com is one of the most Draconian organizations ever with their video, we're forced to not have an embed of this clip and link to it (HERE) instead. 

Then again, who the hell cares about embed code rules and regulations when the Cardinals are finding new ways to win every… single… night.

It's getting a bit nutty.

I'm trying to call back to a team and time where I was so sure that something good was going to happen every single night. And I can't. Even objectively, the Cards should have a minimum of 5 more wins. Liberally? 10+.

It's an embarrassment of riches, with the prize pitching prospect taking the pill for the first time in the Major Leagues. 

We said it yesterday, but we'll say it again today: It's GOOD to be a Cardinal fan right now.