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Maybe More Like The Blue Ballers

The Cardinals beat the Pirates to stay 4.5 back of the Braves and 4 back in the loss column.

Is this season over yet?

I don’t want to get too debbie downer after a win, but a whole week of loses would make it real easy to forget we wasted a summer caring about this team. But, no. It seems pretty obvious at this point that this team is going to sting this thing along until the end and wind up running out of time 3 games back.

Maybe they’re less like cockroaches and more like a blue ballers.

Yeah, I like that. The blue ballers. Looks good on paper, never gets you satisfaction.

Pujols did record his 93rd RBI of the season. He stands at .297. So his quest for another .300/30/100 season seems to be in the cross-hairs more than at any point in 2011. Pretty amazing stuff from a guy that trades in the amazing.

TV Report:

Season Finale time is upon us. And we wrapped up the summer HBO skeins Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Entourage: Also the series finale. I’m not sure why they even needed to do the whole Vince wedding, E baby, Ari quitting storylines to wrap this show up. This show has always been lifestyle porn. It should have just ended like every other episode, with the boys laughing off whatever trouble they got into.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: What a season. Some iconic episodes and a season finale worthy of a seriously awesome season. Props to Mike J. Fox for coming on and playing ball with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s hard to put a “pre-gay” 7 year old story line as one of the least offensive story-lines of the show making pillow shams with swastikas on them – but they did. Excellent stuff.